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Hiking Mount Skåla from Loen

Mt Skåla is one of the most famous summits in Norway and more or less a “must” if you have been in this area.

Skåla is mainly known for two things, Skåla-tower or Kloumanstornet that it’s actually called. A two-story stone tower which is built on top of the mountain at the end of the 1800s. Also to be Norway’s longest uphill, with the annual competition “Skåla opp” – running from bottom to top.

“You´ll find it on the top-10 list of Norways most beautiful summits in the summer issue of the magazine UTE.“

This is a trip for those who have done hiking before or practice on a weekly basis. You will meet with the guide at Tjugen camping for a safety briefing for the day and get a good overview of what to expect. 

On the first part, we go in the lush and dreamy spruce trees before they thin out and we come up against the tree line. The first part of the trail we follow a wide and old road, some of the parts are renovated by sherpas from Nepal. The guide has good local knowledge and will among other things, tell the whole story of how and why the Skåla Tower was built from scratch. Once up on top we are rewarded with views of The Sunnmøre alps, Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen.