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High Quality Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires image 1
51 €

High Quality Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires

Enjoy some of the best red and white wine that Argentina has to offer on a 1-hour tasting at a local wine shop.

Taste at least 5 different labels with explanations from a sommelier, paired with great cheese in a relaxing atmosphere in Palermo. Learn about the wine and have an excellent time.

One of the best wine experiences in Buenos Aires, head to a renowned wine store in the heart of Palermo Soho, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Meet with your group and start the tasting.

Taste 5 high quality Argentine wines from different regions paired with a variety of cow and goat cheese. Learn to understand to the differences about each wine such as the grape varietal, weather, soil, the winemaker’s style and more. The sommelier will give great explanations and will be your guide through the tasting. All of this in a fun and relaxing atmosphere for a great experience.