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High-End Wine Tasting Experience in Mendoza image 1
386 €

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High-End Wine Tasting Experience in Mendoza

We invite you to awake your senses and combine them to discover a new world of aromas, flavors, colors and textures. A tour of different grape varieties, through which you will learn to recognize their secrets and their attributes.

We achieved something unique by combining a highly professional tasting with the pleasant experience of drinking wine of excellent quality. Enjoy a guided tasting in an exclusive, warm and fun atmosphere, in which in addition to high-end wines, you will be delighted with homemade pastries, regional snacks and lunch with signature dishes.

Our goal is that you can live a true wine experience sensory appreciating premium wines with different characteristics (varieties, producing areas, vintages), together with knowledge and skills that will allow a deeper understanding of them.

To do this, we have prepared a special selection of wines will taste in a relaxed atmosphere, following various thematic guidelines that will help you describe them and enjoy them.

We offer an exclusive lunch in which we will visit the typical flavors of Mendoza hand of renowned chefs. We present a selection of regional dishes that are up to the great wines that accompany them. Meat, vegetables and spices combine to create memorable dishes.

We are convinced that far surpass your expectations. We know that after the tasting have many questions and inquiries, our team of professionals will be recognized throughout the program in a friendly and warm atmosphere, constantly proposing spaces for interaction to create a better experience. Your satisfaction is ours.