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46 €

Hidden Graffiti And Urban Art Tour

The Hidden Graffiti & Urban Art Tour is a strictly off the beaten path tour that takes you pedaling through the hidden southern neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, La Boca and Barracas, to find the city’s most impressive street art. Far more than strictly urban art, this tour also examines the cutting edge design district (including the Metropolitan Design Center) and surrounding vibrant neighborhoods, contextualizing it with historical and cultural background. You will learn about the context, and historical background that led to Buenos Aires becoming one of the world capitals of street art. You will see the world’s largest mural by a single artist, a trait that won it a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. *(Please note that this tour requires you to be confident cycling in urban settings; it is far off the beaten path and not in touristy areas, and in some cases may approach precarious parts of the city).

Meet us in historic San Telmo (Peru 988), where we begin our bike tour with a thorough orientation, introducing you to the tour highlights, your bike, and each other. Pointing our wheels south, we pedal through the backstreets of one of the oldest barrios in Buenos Aires, San Telmo, making our way towards La Boca while we become familiarised with different graffiti styles, and witness examples of elaborate urban art along the way by artist collectives such as Red Sudakas and Triangulo Dorado.

Back on our bikes, we venture well off the beaten path towards Barracas, where we can marvel at the elaborate mosaic walls in Pasaje Lanin, and later let our eyes wander along the mural depicting the meeting of Styles Street Art Convention representing several collaborations between artists. After several brief stops to appreciate pieces by artists such as Pol Corona, Mart, Pum Pum, Martin Ron, and many more, we visit the Metropolitan Design Center - a hotspot of innovation and design technology - where we can take a small break to explore. Finally, we learn about the story behind Cooperativa Vieytes (the former Ghelco ice cream factory) through its mural laden with symbolism.

Our tour ends back at our meeting point in San Telmo where we recapture the day and recommend some BA tips. Lasting approximately 4 hours, we mostly streets with some bike trails and stop around 8 times to appreciate murals, see different neighborhoods, drink and learn about Yerba Mate, take photos, and enjoy a fun, creative and informative tour led by expert bilingual guides.