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Half-Day Snow Tubing Adventure at El Calafate Mountain Park image 1
55 €

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Half-Day Snow Tubing Adventure at El Calafate Mountain Park

Enjoy a half-day filled with fun in the snow as you go snow tubing in El Calafate Mountain Park. This family-friendly activity will allow you to go through a snow trail as you slide down and feel the excitement.

Your 4.5-hour adventure begins as you are transferred from a central location in El Calafate to the Chairlift base at El Calafate Mountain Park. Once there, you will ride the chairlift all the way to the top. This ride takes approximately 14 minutes.

At the top, you will receive all the necessary equipment (tubes) and start your fun-filled adventure in the snow. You will use an individual rubber tube and slide down especially designed snow trails, feeling the energy and thrills on the way. This activity will allow you to enjoy different speeds and descents, with guaranteed fun for the entire family. It is an ideal snow activity for children and adults to feel adrenaline in the open air with no need of prior technical knowledge or lessons.

You will experience the snow at Cerro Huyliche in a fun and safe way. After your tour, you will be transferred back to the original starting point in El Calafate.