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Half-Day Rafting on the Sjoa River image 1
89 €

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Half-Day Rafting on the Sjoa River

Afternoon trip rafting on the river Sjoa, the most famous river for rafting in Northern Europe. Sjoa offers quality rafting for both beginners and the experienced.

Try the most popular part of Sjoa on this 4 hour Afternoon trip. Experienced guides will take you 14 km through all the famous rapids on the middle section of the Sjoa. You will be attired in a Neoprene wetsuit and jacket, wet shoes, a helmet and a lifejacket, and mandatory safety instructions will be given to ensure your safety. After the trip there will be a hot shower, coffee and tea, and our photographer will show great photos from the trip.
Level of difficulty: 2 – 3 (depending on the water level) on a scale of 1 – 6.