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Half Day Night Adventure Tour from Puerto Madryn image 1
160 €

Half Day Night Adventure Tour from Puerto Madryn

Clear nights in these southern regions form a magical and exciting scenario where rugged paths in search of nocturnal wildlife meet the expectations of any traveler. Soon after we've left the city of Madryn, you'll be able to study one of the characteristics of this latitude, the transparent ant starry sky. It can be further observed with small telescopes from strategic placed vantage points.

The tour starts with the pick up from Puerto Madryn hotels. Time will be arranged directly with the local operator days before the excursion.

You will meet this incredible coastal city known for its fauna. You'll be able to observe the colonies of adults and juveniles from cliffs that are like balconies/verandas and prepare to be amazed by the black cormorants flying around. The night allows you to observe different scenes that day light cannot provide, such as the natural behavior of animals. Also night lights of city make a unique scenario that you won´t be able to see during the day.

The tour finishes with the drop off at Puerto Madryn hotels.