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Half-Day Horseback Trail Ride including Pub Lunch in Tipperary image 1
125 €

Half-Day Horseback Trail Ride including Pub Lunch in Tipperary

Private five hour horseback trail ride across scenic mountain pastures and quiet boreens to the local pub for lunch, and back. Suitable for riders of all levels of experience. Overnight accommodation also available.

When you arrive you will be greeted by the friendly staff and two jack russell terriers. You will fill in your registration form and be fitted with a riding hat and boots, if you do not have your own. Once you have mounted up you will have a riding assessment with a qualified instructor and the pace of the ride will be tailored to the abilities of your party. Then, accompanied by a guide, you will ride through our yard and up into the mountains. Even on cloudy days the views are spectacular and you will experience the real hidden beauty of Ireland. Your guide will explain to you the archaeological features of the landscape including bronze-age sites and celtic ring forts. You will then ride along quiet boreens to the local pub. The first leg of your ride will take approx two hours. At the pub you will be offered soup and a choice of sandwiches for lunch as well as a drink (included in the price). Your horses will be looked after while you relax and refresh yourselves, and you will get the chance to chat with the friendly pub staff. Your break will be for approx one hour. Then it will be time to mount up again to ride home by a different route, taking in yet more spectacular views on the way. If your party consists of highly experienced riders, there will be chances to gallop and jump during the day. If you are less experienced or unused to English riding techniques, the ride will go at a more leisurely pace.