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Half-Day Hiking Tour to Latas Waterfall from Tena image 1
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Half-Day Hiking Tour to Latas Waterfall from Tena

Immerse yourself in the jungle on this hike up along a river to a beautiful waterfall. Located about 30 minutes by car from Tena, we’ll drive there then hit the trail. It should take about 2-hour to get up there. If the water is just right, we can shoot a toboggan formation along the way.
You’ll learn all about the rain-forest in this area on the way up and once there. You can swim in the pool under the waterfall and even behind it.

This half day tour takes you hiking up through the rainforest to a beautiful waterfall. 

You’ll spend a couple of hours hiking up a river gorge, ending up at a pool and big waterfall. You can swim around behind the waterfall to look out through the cascade at the pre-historic scene; deep gorge, thick vegetation, and probably no sign of other people (more likely on a weekday). Note: if it is raining, it will be muddy, a little more difficult and take a bit longer than usual. In this case, you'll have a great sense of accomplishment when you make it up to the waterfall!

During the hike, your guide will tell you all about the many unique rainforest flora and fauna that we encounter. The river coming down from the waterfall, along the trail, makes a toboggan formation at one point, if the water is at the perfect level, we can run it! Well, if you want to.

Afterward, you get to swim, relax and have a picnic dinner at the lagoon at the bottom. Come join us!