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Half-Day Bike Tour: North Buenos Aires City Landmarks  image 1
29 €

Half-Day Bike Tour: North Buenos Aires City Landmarks

For this tour, you need to bring nothing more than a smile and your camera as the rest is covered. Your experienced and professional guide will show you Buenos Aires’s finest attractions, safely and at a comfortable pace for you. Also before you star the tour, you'll have all the information you need to make the rest of your time in this great city as exciting and jam packed as possible. This tour is a brilliant introduction to the northern areas of historic Buenos Aires and complements the south city tour. The tour is perfectly suited for all riding abilities so don’t worry, you won’t have to pack your yellow jersey to have a fantastic day out on the bikes.

This tour will show you th eheart of Buenos Aires history, parks and architecture. The adventure begins in the charming streets of San Telmo where you will wind your way past 19th century churches and the wonderful architecture of early Buenos Aires to finally arrive in Plaza de Mayo, the historic center of the city.
You will then head to the hustling and bustling area of Retiro and Plaza San Martin, where you'll see magnificent palaces and architectural icons of the city, discovering the energy of downtown Buenos Aires. A few stops later, the pace slows down as you take in Recoleta, the high society “barrio” best known for its cemetery, cafes, ice cream and museums. Continuing north to Palermo, you'll pass the Giant metal flower, the house of general San Martin and the Museum of Contemporary Art on your way to the wonderful open space of the Parks and beautiful Rose Garden. On the way back, you'll discover the two more famous parks and historic houses before reaching the last stop at the Palace of Congress and before finally parking the bikes back at the shop.