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Guayaquil City Tour Including Route of the Fruits and Plantation image 1
74 €

Guayaquil City Tour Including Route of the Fruits and Plantation

We'll visit a wildlife area via a high trail that allows contact with more than 50 species including birds, mammals, fish and other endemic animals. The Urban-architectural area, the old Guayaquil, home of Colonel Julian, the territorial Bank and other traditional places full of history of the city will be also covered in this half day tour.

The Route of fruits and plantations are 1-hour away from Guayaquil. We'll arrive at one of the most productive agricultural areas in our region, finding here several crops of exotic fruits such as pineapples, sugar cane, cocoa and mango.

We'll explain the different processes of cultivation and propagation, as well as observe a wide variety of tropical plants in the region, such as teak tree, Guayacán and Ficus. Then we will prepare and taste obtained artisan chocolate fruit of cocoa, as well as several sub-products of this plant as butter, yogurt liquor and cocoa.

We'll also visit the farm to observe rice and banana plantations, visit the House to know the customs and traditions of its inhabitants dedicated mainly to agriculture and fisheries.