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55 €

Guayaquil Cemetery Tour

The tour to the Guayaquil Cemetery is a great option to learn about the history of the city and appreciate it's art. The Cemetery of Guayaquil is one of the most important National Cultural Heritages. Taking this tour you will be surprised by the beautiful mausoleums made on marble by mostly italian artists. Give yourself a chance to take a look to the "White City" as they used to call it before.

This tour starts with the pick up at the Hotel you are staying. You will be taken to the cemetery which is located close to downtown Guayaquil, by the side of "Cerro del Carmen".

We park outside and we enter through gate 3, which is a simulation of the 9th of October boulevard in downtown. From there starts the 2 hour walking tour inside the cemetery, watching where some ex presidents and important characters are located. We will explain the history and concepts behind the most important mausoleums, most of them made on marble. 

This tour is a combination of art and history that you don't want to miss!