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Goldsborough Valley Stand Up Paddleboard Tour from Cairns image 1
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Goldsborough Valley Stand Up Paddleboard Tour from Cairns

Adventure through the historical Goldsborough Valley on a stand up paddleboard. Walk up to Kearneys Falls, snorkel the crystal clear waters and cruise this beautiful, rainforest fringed river on a stand up paddleboard. Pick up from your Cairns accommodation and morning tea is included as well as all equipment, stand up paddleboard lesson, guide, and all parks and wildlife fees.

Goldsborough Valley was the scene of the late 19th Century gold rush, that saw thousands of Europeans flock there to cash in. When the gold ran out in the mid 20th century, only a few miners remained in the area, settling as farmers. Now part of the Wooroonooran National Park, Goldsborough Valley is a picturesque, rainforest fringed river system that is home to plentiful wildlife. Enjoy the wonders and beauty of the area from the water on a stand up paddleboard. 

After pick up from Cairns accommodation travel by road for about 1 hour to Goldsborough Valley just south of Cairns. Take the walk up through the rainforest to view Kearneys Falls (approximately 1 hour roundtrip graded easy). Enjoy morning tea on return. Stand up paddleboard instruction is provided followed by a guided stand up paddleboard along the upper river system. Snorkel the crystal clear river viewing saw shell turtles, eels, fish and birdlife. All activities are optional. Simply relax in this beautiful historical setting!

Following your stand up paddleboard adventure, you will be returned to your accommodation in Cairns.