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Gold Coast Flyboard Experience

While you're on the Gold Coast, experience the thrill of riding a Flyboard, the new extreme activity that is taking the water-sports world by storm. You'll 'fly' over the water and through the air using the power of a jet-propelled Flyboard. No previous water-sports experience is necessary, and you'll receive a pre-flight equipment check, safety briefing, and training. When booking, you have four options to choose from ranging from 30 to 90 minutes.

On arrival at Pelican Beach, you will be introduced to the team, listen to some housekeeping information, and receive a disclaimer to sign prior to undertaking any activities.

Depending on the option you select when booking, you will be given a pre-flight safety briefing and instruction on how to fly, how to use the flight controls, and how to move in and out of the water. Once this information has sunk in, get ready to experience the world’s first Flyboard Flight Simulator, which is incorporated into the pre-flight training before you head to the water. Utilizing VR and 360-degree camera technology, the simulator provides a 1st-person view of a real pro rider, engulfing you into a virtual reality with an unsuspected surprise at the end. You are also offered a modified Flyboard for use on land, allowing you to gain an understanding of the flight controls using your feet and knees before stepping foot in the water.

Your Flyboard experience includes detailed one-on-one personal instruction by a pro Flyboard rider and world championship contender to ensure you're comfortable and satisfied. Feel your adrenaline pumping as you dive like a dolphin and attempt maneuvers and stunts such as cork screws, tornadoes, or flying in reverse, just like the pros do it. Plus, keep your eyes open for dolphins who frequently visit this location, swimming within close proximity of the activities.

When booking, you have four options to choose from: a 30-minute Flyboard teaser session, a 45-minute or 60-minute Flyboard session, or a 90-minute session where you can attempt Flyboard tricks plus try out a Hoverboard in addition to the Flyboard.