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Full Moon Horse Ride at Rainbow Beach image 1
135 €

Full Moon Horse Ride at Rainbow Beach

A truly unique experience watching the sun set, then watching as the full moon rises over the ocean whilst riding a horse along the stunning setting of Rainbow Beach. Departure time is 45 minutes before sun set and does vary each month according to the time of year.

This night riding experience is a horse riding adventure along the picturesque Rainbow Beach while the sun is setting and the moon is rising. This is an amazingly unique experience only occurs once per month and starts by leaving the yards in Clarkson Drive in the late afternoon taking guests through a small bush trail before entering the beach and taking in the stunning scenery

Photos are taken throughout the ride and made available to guests at the ride of the ride, free of charge.

The recommended minimum age for this ride is 10 years old unless rider has previous riding experience.

Water bottle holders are provided on all saddles.