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Full-Day Private Tour to the Monasteries of Capriana and Hincu from Chisinau image 1
70 €

Full-Day Private Tour to the Monasteries of Capriana and Hincu from Chisinau

Take a private tour to the holy places in Moldova's Codri - Capriana and Hincu Monastries

Monastery Capriana was founded by Moldovan gospodar Alexander the Good. In 1429, he built a very large by size the Assumption Church, the thickness of the foundation was about 2.6 - 2.85 m. The first prior was Abbot Cyprian, who had a beautiful voice, composed music and poetry. The oldest poetic work in the territory between Prut and Dniester also belongs to him. Abbot Cyprian took part in the construction of church, founded a library of religious books. Thanks to him, the monastery became the center of copyists of holy writings and manuscripts.

Hincu - at the sources of rivers Kogylnik is situated Hincu Monastery. Since ancient times, there is a legend a young maiden, who left his parents' home in the middle of winter. Legend is very realistic. Great stolnik Mihai Hincu in 1678 builds a monastic skete, where has found the shelter one of his daughters, who has took monastic vows with the name Paraskeva. A true blossoming skete received during the management of the elder Dositheus - native from Bulgaria. In 1835, instead of the wooden church is built the stone church in the name of St. Paraskeva, and skete is renamed as the Monastery. The church is situated on a hill, has a rich sacristy, bell tower.