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89 €

Full Day Garifuna Cultural Experience

Immerse yourself in the Garifuna people and traditions of southern Belize on this daylong cultural tour. Gain insight into the fascinating Garifuna  culture through its food, music, history, and people as you participate in various hands-on activities. You'll also enjoy a traditional lunch in the Belizean jungle in the company of your friendly, knowledgeable guide and hosts.

Explore the Garifuna culture on this full-day tour from Punta Gorda.  At 9am, meet your English-speaking guide at a designated place in Punta Gorda. After you travel to the edge of the Belizean jungle with your small group, you'll be met by your local host at an open-air thatched palapa. Step inside and learn about the materials and techniques used to create the various handmade drums and shakas (maracas) you'll see. After taking a break for some fresh fruit and a traditional treat of Garifuna pudding, you can try your hand at instrument making. Make a drum by hollowing out a solid hardwood log, planing it, and sanding it smooth. Or make less labor-intensive maracas by fitting a hollowed gourd with drum skin to create the shakas. Make either traditional instrument completely by hand, as is customary in this culture.

Following the morning's manual work, you'll sit back and savor a traditional Garifuna lunch of hudut, a fresh fish fillet sautéed in handmade coconut milk and lightly seasoned with cilantro and other herbs. Enjoy mashed plantain and fresh vegetables with your hudut. (A vegetarian option can also be selected at the time of booking.)

After lunch is a 90-minute drumming lesson. Learn six different Garifuna rhythms as you master the basic beat on the segunda drum. Play alongside your host, who will introduce you to the faster-paced primero drum. Drum lessons are followed by an hourlong performance by professional musicians, and then a dance lesson. As you spend the day delving into the history, people, music, and food of the Garifuna culture you'll meet your host's family members and hear firsthand accounts of daily life in the Belizean jungle.

At the end of this magical, musical day you'll be driven back to Punta Gorda.