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First Ladies of Belogradchik 4x4 Safari Tour - 30 Minutes Route image 1
6 €

First Ladies of Belogradchik 4x4 Safari Tour - 30 Minutes Route

The town of Belogradchik is located in the heart of one of nature's miracles - Belogradchik Rocks. Often underestimated and belittled, these rock formations are unique with their beauty and shapes resembling people, animals, castles and everything else your imagination can see, if you just let it loose. The strange figures have been sculpted in the red sandstone rock for more than 230 million years.

The rock area is 30 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide. This 30 minute tour will give you an insight of the magic of this piece of Heaven.

Belogradchik Rocks: Now standing all around the town are 'The Schoolgirl', 'The Lion', 'The Bear', 'The Dervish', 'The Horseman', 'The Madonna with the child', 'The Guardian of the valley', 'Adam and Eve' and many, many more. But the ordinary visitor doesn't see even 5% of the beauty of this natural phenomenon, just because people go to the most popular place - the fortress above town, where there is a panoramic view to the whole rock area and that's it. But you know what they say - the devil is in the details... And the details can be seen only on a private guided tour with the 4x4 Safari that we offer.

Take part in the 'First Ladies of Belogradchik' 4x4 tour. This short tour about 30 minutes and takes you to some of the most famous rocks near the town, including The Madonna and The Schoolgirl.