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Figure 8 Pools and Royal National Park Coastal Tour from Sydney image 1
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Figure 8 Pools and Royal National Park Coastal Tour from Sydney

Head for an adventure down the south coast to explore in the worlds 2nd oldest National Park – the Royal National Park. Enjoy an eco-friendly tour that includes a guided coastal hike and bush walk, visiting beautiful beaches and taking in spectacular coastal scenery, exploring and swimming in the famous Figure 8 rock pools, spotting wildlife all with an experienced and fun local guide. 

Explore the Royal National Park or as the locals like to call it, the ‘Nasho’, on our Eco-Adventure Tour from Sydney and explore this spectacular area just 37 Km (23 miles) and only 45 minutes south of Sydney. Visit one of Illawarra's best lookout spots, also known internationally as a major hang gliding point at Bald Hill Lookout for spectacular coastal views.

Enjoy a guided hike along part of the Coast Track in the worlds 2nd oldest National Park and hike through coastal heathland and eucalypti rain forest in the Royal National Park. Take in the beautiful scenery and coastal views along the 6km return (3.7 mi) trek spotting native wildlife and birds along with whales and dolphins off the coast during the whale migration season. Our Coastal hike includes some steep sections, rock hopping and requires a medium to high level of fitness.

Walk through Burning Palms Beach and see the heritage listed Coastal Shacks and learn about the local area and how the shacks came to be. Rock hop across the headland to reach the Figure 8 Pools and spend some time to explore this spectacular area, swim in naturally formed rock pools of all sizes and shapes including the famous Figure 8! Then grab your insta-famous #figure8pools photo too while you are here!* (Only accessible to hike during low tide/safe ocean conditions)

Then indulge in a delicious picnic lunch with a selection of wraps and nibbles and visit a little slice of paradise down the south coast at Wattamolla where the waterfall, lagoon, and beach are all at your fingertips. Take a walk up to Providential Point Lookout if you like, enjoy panoramic views and see the impressive sandstone cliffs and headlands surrounding the local area.

After a full days adventure, sit back and relax as we pump some good tunes and make our way out of the Royal National Park back to Sydney for our 1 drop off at Central. Enjoy a FREE drink at the end of the day at one of the local travelers bar in Sydney if you like!