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Famous Homes and Hideaways Cruise in Bermuda image 1
42 €

Famous Homes and Hideaways Cruise in Bermuda

Cruise along the shoreline, view charming, pastel-colored, colonial homes steeped in history and sneak a peek at the exclusive neighborhood known as Millionaire's Row. Your knowledgeable guides will share entertaining, personal stories about life as an islander, as you pass the homes of the rich and famous.

Enjoy an informative and highly entertaining sightseeing cruise. This tour will give you a wealth of well researched historical facts with humorous personal stories about the island. Cruise along the shoreline to view charming colonial homes painted in pastel colors, that are steeped in history and sneak a peek at 'Millionaire's Row' one of Bermuda's most exclusive neighborhoods. See the homes of the rich and famous - such as movie stars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, pioneer of Texas Instruments James Martin, playwright Eugene O'Neal and illustrator William Denslow, most famous for his work on the "Wizard of Oz." Discover tranquil island hideaways only accessible by boat. See classic Bermuda landmarks such as the Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the western hemisphere. Learn more about the island's past and present, flora and fauna and wonderful marine life, as you gently cruise Bermuda's exquisite turquoise blue waters.