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Family Rafting Experience on River Otta image 1
67 €

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Family Rafting Experience on River Otta

Guided rafting trip on the beautiful river Otta. Family friendly rafting for everybody and a great opportunity to do something exciting together.

This is a cozy trip for the whole family with different activities along the way, and the trip will take you 12 km on the green water from the Jotunheimen mountains. Besides rafting you will have the possibility to jump from cliffs into the water, swim in the river, have a “watersplash war” and maybe even try to guide the raft a bit? Your safety is taken very seriously and you will be equipped with full river gear like neoprene wet suit, life jacket and helmet. Mandatory safety instructions will be given before our experienced guides will take you safely down the river. After the trip you will have a warm shower before we serve coffee/tea, lemonade and cake.
Level of difficulty: 1 – 3 (depending on the water level) on a scale of 1 – 6.