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Family Arctic Hiking Fun in Tromso

It’s hard to imagine just how much fun a family can have in the Arctic. Join this morning family arctic hike session and be prepared to have a fantastic day in the Norwegian nature. This 3-hour excursion is an activity for the whole family.

Make your own way to the centrally located meeting point by 10:15am. Greet your guide and head for Håkøy island. Take a family hike for approximately 3 hours on the beautiful Håkøy island along a nature trail with fantastic view points of Tromsø, the arctic ocean and surrounding islands. Enjoy picking berries and learn how to build a fire in nature and cook your own sausages. If your family likes dogs, your guide can bring one along for the trek. See a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat such as the mating pair of sea eagles that live on Håkøy all summer or some of the magestic Elk that live in the area. The Elk tend to be relaxing in the day time, but you can track them and hope to spot the king of the arctic forest. Your tour includes all food and snacks provided including some world famous chocolate cake which tastes great with the berries you collect on route. The tour is open to participants from 2 years to 100 years of age. Babies can also come along, but you must provide your own infant carrier.