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Exmouth Wakeboarding, Skiing, Skurfing or Kneeboarding image 1
47 €

Exmouth Wakeboarding, Skiing, Skurfing or Kneeboarding

We have a large range of boards to choose from. The wakeboard come in several styles and sizes to suit each rider individually. The kneeboard, the wakesurfer, or the skis as a double or single setup are all great quality gear. For those that want a challenge, try the wake foiler!

You will arrive and immediately choose a board to be fitted and setup up with. Once done we get your PFD on and we are ready to roll. If you know what you are doing its a simple process to just get out there. We won't hold you up any longer. But, for those of you giving it a go for the first time, theres a lot to figure out. We work at your pace and we WILL get you up on the water. We have many years of experience and have had many learners come through and fall in love with the sport. Give it a try, what have you got to lose? or if you aren't a beginner, what trick are we working on today?