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Exmouth Flyboard Experience image 1
101 €

Exmouth Flyboard Experience

We go through the basics on land in a lot of detail followed by the safety briefing. There is the option to experience Flyboarding first with our Virtual Reality headset or you can dive right in and just go for it. We then get you fitted up and head for the water. By now you will already know what to expect as we head out, and after just a few minutes in the water it will be time to fly.... if you are on the Advanced flyer, you will get to try out a lot of extra manoeuvres and the ability to control the fly board by this point will start to feel more natural.

Flyboarding with Ultimate Watersports is great for several reasons... our location on the Exmouth town beach means warm weather even in the winter months. Secondly, the crystal clear waters will allow you to see the bottom making for some amazing experiences. Look up and around as you fly up 10 metres and above and you will appreciate the views of the coastline. Flyboarding is an amazing experience and the closest you can get to flying around like your favourite super hero. Fly up high then drop down and arrest your fall like Iron man in the movies. It may even seem hard to learn but everyone flies... or your money back. So give it a try!