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Epic Tour of the Viking Triangle

The award-winning all weather guided tour of the oldest part of Ireland’ s oldest city, the ‘Epic Tour of the Viking Triangle’, is an interactive fun guided tour of the Viking Triangle, giving you access to six national monuments (duration one hour).The larger-than-life guide speeds you through the streets and through 1100 years of Waterford's history from the Vikings to the Victorians. Indulge your inner actor - you might get to be Strongbow or Aoife and get married, you might be Thomas Francis Meagher flying the Irish flag for the first time in Ireland.

This walking guided tour, the ‘Epic Tour of the Viking Triangle’, includes entry to six national monuments ranging in date from 1190AD to 1783, it is a wonderful way for visitors to get an overview of Irish history both the historic and archaeological treasures and also experience the developments in architecture over a period of a thousand years as visitors transverse the Viking Triangle. We market the experience as ‘From the Vikings to the Victorians - A thousand years of History in a Thousand Paces’.

The visit includes Reginald’s Tower first mentioned in 1088, Greyfriars Medieval Franciscan friary 1240, Choristers’ Hall 1274, the Mayor’s Wine Vault 1448, the Bishop’s Palace 1741 and if there is not a church service in progress then Christ Church Cathedral 1773 is also included. It’s a fun engaging tour and includes many props to engage and entertain you with numerous photo opportunities along the way. This unique tour avoids having you, our guests, walk around in the rain, as most of the time you are indoors being regaled by our professionally trained tour guide, where else would you experience an overview of Irish history in an hour!