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E-bike and Wine Cellar Visit Tour from Vienna

This bike-tour will get you through lovely vineyards in the Viennese Woods, with your comfortable E-Bikes, off the beaten path of classical Vienna to places which are hardly reachable for guests. The tour combines the guided bike tour with a guided tour through the wine cellar of famous Stift Klosterneuburg. It just takes 15 minutes cycling to leave the international citry behind and reach the picturesque vineyards and beautiful landscapes. Our tours start directly at the metro terminal and lead through idyllic forest tracks. After the active part we are heading along the danube to Stift Klosterneuburg where you will join a 1-hour-guided tour through the wine cellar (14 languages available) – the entrance is included in your tour ticket and includes a taste of the local wine. After the tour we will head back with the bikes to where we started.

The tour starts at 12 p.m. at subway station U4 Heiligenstadt where you will meet with our guide. After handing-over our comfortable and easy-to-use electrical Mountainbikes we are starting our way to Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg - this landmark mountains have since centuries been popular destinations not only to emperors but of all Viennese. Leopoldsberg has been the scene of the Battle of Vienna during the second siege of the Turks in 1683. You will ride through lovely vineyards up the hill and your bike will make the ride for you an easy-one. The route is through the forest or on paved roads and will always be designed to your need by our guide. From Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg you can enjoy the breathtaking view over the international metropole of Vienna. This area is hardly visited by Viennese during the week so the tour will be a relaxing part of your visit in Vienna. You will be riding with your bike about 3 hrs depending on the brakes the group will take and the pace of the group. Snacks and water during the ride is included. We will be heading to the monastery of Klosterneuburg along the danube and after riding with the bike you will join the guided tour through the wine cellar of the monastery including a taste of wine. The tour starts daily at 3 p.m. and will take about an hour, and after the tour you will be guided back to where we started by our guide. Expect to be back at the subway station at about 4.30 p.m.