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Dhaka After Dark Small Group Tour Including Live Stage Performance image 1
72 €

Dhaka After Dark Small Group Tour Including Live Stage Performance

Dhaka comes alive at night, with locals heading to restaurants, tea stalls, markets, and to the theatre — and we’re going to join them! We’re exploring local culture and cuisine on this night tour that shows you what the city is really like after dark!

We’ll start our Dhaka tour by meeting at the Navana Tower (be there at 5pm sharp, please, as we have a show to catch!). We'll then hop aboard local transit and head to the national theatre. This theatre is known for its cultural performances of epic Bengali love stories, and we’re going to take in a traditional stage performance that shows off Bangladesh’s culture and heritage. Most of the shows here are performed by professional drama troupes, so you’re sure to see an excellent performance!

Once the show is over, we’ll ride a rickshaw into the old part of the city, a district that’s famous for its fabulous street food. Chapatti, nan, biriyani, and many other dishes are the delicacies you’ll find here, and you’ll be free to browse the stalls and grab any delights that catch your eye and tempt your taste buds! We’ll also walk around the area and see classic sites like the ancient Hussaini Dalan (the city’s main religious site of the Shia Muslim community) and the beautiful Dhaka University.

This walking tour is a unique opportunity to see the real Dhaka after dark — you’ll hang out with locals, see some authentic culture, and enjoy delicious traditional cuisine!