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Deep Sea Angling in Connemara Full-Day Guided Fishing Tour from Clifden image 1
125 €

Deep Sea Angling in Connemara Full-Day Guided Fishing Tour from Clifden

The deep sea fishing off Ireland's west coast is some of the finest in Europe, where large runs of tuna, mackerel, and sharks are found in the offshore waters. All levels of fishermen, from novice to expert, are welcome aboard to fish, and create lasting memories while hauling aboard over a dozen species of fish.

Beginning in either Clifden or Cleggan, depending upon the tide, you willll meet your skipper at 10:30am at either the pier or the boat club, where you'll go over the itinerary, gear, and equipment for a successful day on the water. 

Once the boat is outfitted with gear, you'll depart for a full day of deep sea angling amidst the Atlantic waves. While out on the water you might see basking sharks, common or bottle nose dolphins, as well as seals, orca, puffins, guillemots, and great skua. You'll also enjoy the coastal scenery of Clifden's offshore islands, some of which have ruins onshore that can only be seen from the water.

When fishing, you'll either be drifting over reefs on casting while the boat is at anchor. Drifting over reefs in 50-330 ft (15-100m) of water will yield ling, cod, coalfish, wrasse, mackerel, and other species. Using red gill’s and lead heads for pollack, the fight they put up provides excellent sport and fish average around 5+ lbs (2.5 kg), and frequently edge over 10+ lbs (5.5kg). Cod are plentiful throughout the summer and it's common for fish to average somewhere between 10 and 15 lbs. Shoals of coalfish vary in size from clouds of 1lb fish to big adults over 10 lbs.

A day’s drifting over reefs should yield 10 to 15 species, and some additional bait could well increase this up to 15 or 20 species.

After an exciting day of Irish seafaring you will arrive back in Clifden/Cleggan at approximately 6pm.