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Dead Interesting Tour at Glasnevin Cemetery Museum image 1
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Dead Interesting Tour at Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

Since 1832, more than 1.5 million people have been interred in Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin. Located just 2.5 km (1.6 miles) from Dublin’s city centre, Glasnevin Cemetery covers 124 acres of glorious parkland with plenty to appreciate. The new 1.5-hour 'Dead Interesting Glasnevin' tour gives a valuable insight into this unique Victorian burial place and into the final resting place of the men and women who have helped shape Ireland's past and present.

In Glasnevin, a hauntingly gorgeous Victorian Garden cemetery, each guide is passionate about sharing their love of heritage and history, telling the stories of Ireland’s complex and fascinating history through daily walking tours turning a learning experience into a period of magic with a careful balance of passion, sensitivity and even fun.

During the new 'Dead Interesting' Tour at Glasnevin, visitors will learn of its sculpture, symbolism, architecture, art, sporting heroes, horticulture, natural life and much more. They will visit the graves and hear the stories of little known figures such as Maria Higgins, a woman who died once yet was buried twice in Glasnevin; an Irish chaplain who witnessed the liberation of Bergen Belsen concentration camp; the last Irish winner of Wimbledon; the man who cut the ribbon and opened Sydney Harbour Bridge when he wasn’t meant to; the vault that held secrets during the Irish War of Independence; and many more.

This tour is for those both well acquainted with the cemetery and those who have never visited before, the secret history of Ireland’s most well-known cemetery.