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Day Tour to Hacienda La Danesa by Train from Guayaquil image 1
119 €

Day Tour to Hacienda La Danesa by Train from Guayaquil

Experience inland Ecuador like never before! On this one day excursion you will experience life in a historic dairy and cacao hacienda with world class from farm to table cuisine. Hop inside an air-conditioned train from Guayaquil with panoramic views and travel into Ecuador's best kept secret; Hacienda La Danesa. On this journey you will visit a crafts market in Yaguachi, learn about cacao in Ecuador and chocolate tasting, a three course meal and milking in the gardens. On your free time, you may be able to explore the 500 hectares family owned estate. Ideal for travellers looking for an authentic and personalized experience. For an additional price you may enjoy wet tubing on the river, horse riding and biking.

Check in starts at 7:00am until 7:30am in the Estación de Tren de Durán. You will enjoy a complimentary VIP access to a waiting area before boarding.

Departing from Estación de Tren de Durán at 8:00am, you'll first head to Yaguachi where you will visit a local crafts market for about 30 minutes and continue your journey on the train through picturesque inland Ecuador surrounded with sugar cane, rice and cacao plantations. At about 10:30am you will arrive to Estación de San Antonio where the host from Hacienda La Danesa will greet you and guide you to the charming farmhouse. At Hacienda La Danesa you will visit the cacao plantation and learn about the process and history of cacao farming in Ecuador, grind your own chocolate from bean to bar and a premium chocolate tasting.

The excursion will continue back in the farmhouse with a three course meal following sustainable practices. If you enjoy a good cup of coffee you may milk directly from the cow to your coffee! There will be about 60 minutes of leisure time for you to explore the farm surroundings or just sit back and enjoy an Ecuadorian award winning glass of wine (Yes! We make a great wine!) or artisan beer. For an additional price and time permitting you may enjoy horse riding, wet tubing on the river or bike riding. Please let us know your interest ahead of time! The train will pick us up at 3:30pm and head back to Guayaquil at around 5:00pm.