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Darwin City and Vernon Islands 45-Minute Scenic Helicopter Tour image 1
323 €

Darwin City and Vernon Islands 45-Minute Scenic Helicopter Tour

This tour is perfect if you have a bit of time up your sleave, as you will truly get the time to experience and appreciate everything there is about Darwin. On top of that fly beyond Darwin and get a beautiful view of Vernon Islands. It's an experience you won't forget.

For an ultimate visual indulgence, see Darwin from the sky and then fly beyond Darwin and the Northern Beaches, to enjoy a bird's eye view of the Vernon Islands and its heritage listed lighthouse on the East Island. On low tide appreciate the striking blue/green colors of the water in the famous blue holes and the reefs which rise steeply out of deep water.

You will fly along the spectacular city coastline to the Northern Beaches viewing the cliffs of the Nightcliff and Casuarina Beach, as well as the pockets of monsoon forest and extensive mangrove communities.

Flying coastal, enjoy Darwin City's vast and contrasting views, while discovering from above the sights that make Australia's northern capital so special to the people of Darwin and historically significant to Australia. Appreciate the beauty of Darwin's many beaches and bays, while also getting a view of the true layout of Darwin city. While you’re up there learn some of the history and some of the historical landmarks pre and post-World War II and Cyclone Tracy.