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Daily Heritage Tour of Kells image 1
10 €

Daily Heritage Tour of Kells

Enjoy a lively 60-minute walk of the Heritage Town of Kells and listen to stories about the High Kings, the pre-Olympic Games of Ireland, Colmcille & the foundation of Kells, the creation of the monastery, the Book of Kells, the Normans in Kells, and much more!

We will meet up at No. 1 Church Street, opposite the gates to the Monastic Site.

Your guide is locally trained and certified, and will open up the history of the town for you!

We will have a brief introduction and then begin the walk that takes us to the Inner Enclosure of the monastery, the Round Tower and High Crosses.

Afterwards we will visit Colmcille's House, where it is thought the Book of Kells may have been completed.

The walk loops round to where we began.

Your guide will then recommend suitable eateries in which to get refreshments/comfort stop.

If you need recommendations to further travel in the Boyne Valley, your guide will make recommendations too, as well as for accommodation if necessary.