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Cultural Caper Adelaide Walking Tour

Enjoy an easy-paced 2 hour small-group walking tours along North Terrace in the city of Adelaide. The focus of the tour is on history, heritage and culture and covers not only the architecture and history of the varying buildings but also the people who have been associated with them, and the stories about Adelaide's development from colonial times to today. Most of the sites visited are public institutions, statues and monuments and tour participants, whether they are locals, interstate visitors or from overseas get to experience the essence of what Adelaide is all about.

    The Culture Capers walking tour of Adelaide visits the following sites:

    1. Parliament House: Introduction including brief history of Adelaide and its development, route of tour, duration and other housekeeping. Talk about early government in South Australia and ground-breaking decisions made in Parliament including votes for women. Discuss Old and New Parliament House and intro of responsible government. (10 min)
    2. South African War Memorial - Discuss South Australia's contribution to Boer War, casualties, significance of statue (5 min)
    3. Government House - outline history, mention noted governors, ghost reference and outline of murder in the 1800's ( 10 min)
    4. Dame Roma Mitchell Statue - Brief overview of Dame Roma Mitchells career and the importance of her work and legacy ( 5 min)
    5. South Australian Busts - talk about noted South Australians on busts including Sir Mark Oliphant, William Bragg, Mary Lee, Howard Florey (10 min)
    6. Venere Di Canova Statue - discuss significance of statue (5 min)
    7. Adelaide Club - brief history, current use and connection to Venere Di Canova Statue ( 4 min)
    8. Matthew Flinders Statue - overview of Flinder's career, significance to Australia and South Australia, legacy ( 5min)
    9. War Memorial - mention its significance, point out sculpted figures and their meaning (5 min)
    10. Old Destitute Asylum/Migration Museum - discuss relevance and history of site, conditions of inmates, subsequent and current use (10 min)
    11. Science Centre - Talk about usage of building - connection with Sir Douglas Mawson (5 min)
    12. Artlab - outline usage of building and its inhabitants - significant project pieces completed (5 min)
    13. Old Police Barracks - brief overview and history of police force, usage of buildings, stories of noted policemen, subsequent and current use of site (10 min)
    14. Art Gallery - history of Art Gallery, benefactors, collections, buildings and architecture (5 min)
    15. Adelaide University site including Mitchell Building, Elder Building and Bonython Hall - discuss brief history of Adelaide University, its historic buildings and benefactors (8 min)
    16. Previous Royal Exhibition Building in Adelaide University grounds - history of showgrounds, buildings, use, famous people attached (3 min)
    17. Museum - history of Museum, benefactors, collections, buildings and architecture (5 min)
    18. State Library - history, collections, architecture particularly of Institute Building, associated stories and people connected with it (10 min)