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Cross Country Skiing in the Arctic Tromso image 1
130 €

Cross Country Skiing in the Arctic Tromso

Cross-country skiing is Norway's national sport and something most Norwegians love to do. Do you want to do it? Cross-country skiing is a great way to train, and the good feeling of mastery and training comes after the trip.                                                                                                                                                     
Cross-county skiing is a combination between balance and technique. Ski in prepared trails or create your own ones. "Norwegians are born with skis on their feet" but don't worry about it...we will teach you everything you need to know to get started, how to put your skis on, basic techniques and also how to fall and then get back on your skis. With these basic skills, we will take a trip in the beautiful alpine landscape. You don't need any experience - you will get some during the day along with our guides.

Cross-country skiing is a form of skiing where skiers rely on their own locomotion to move across snow-covered terrain, rather than using ski lifts or other forms of assistance. Cross-country skiing is widely practised as a sport and recreational activity, while some still use it as a means of transportation. Variants of cross-country skiing are adapted to a range of terrain, which spans unimproved, sometimes mountainous terrain to groomed trails that are specifically designed for the sport.              

09.15     Meeting time, outside Scandic Ishavshotel 
09.30     Departure Tromsø
10.20     Arrive Aurora Alps basecamp at Breivikeidet
10.30     Cross country skiing, warm suits, skiboots and all equipment, guide
              Nice view to the Lyngen Alps. Hot meal, coffee/tea
14.00     Departure Aurora  Alps
15.00     Arrive back in Tromsø