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Coffs Harbour Segway Resort Adventure Tour image 1
36 €

Coffs Harbour Segway Resort Adventure Tour

Zoom around on your Segway experiencing a variety of terrains on this 40 minute Segway Resort Adventure at the Novotel Pacific Bay Resort Coffs Harbour NSW. Once rider ready you will cruise the resort, hit the bush and have an awesome time on these amazing machines.

On this Segway 40 minute Resort Adventure at the Novotel Pacific Bay Resort in Coffs Harbour, you'll have fun zooming around the resort experiencing a variety of terrains.

To begin, you will first learn how to master riding one of these amazing machines and once 'rider ready' you'll travel around the resort and into some bush putting your all-terrain Segway through its paces.

The truth is, it takes only moments to learn but forever to get the smile off your face! Riding a Segway is quite simply amazing; it feels like nothing you've experienced - because there's never been anything like it. This is fun, excitement and adventure wrapped up in one fantastic experience!

This tour is a must for those seeking fun and adventure

If you are looking for something fun 'to do' in Coffs Harbour that is unique, family friendly and truly memorable then a Segway Resort Adventure Tour is a must do.