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Chocolate walk with a local

Our adventure includes a walk through the city center and a few stops by some of the best chocolate spots in Antwerp. On our way we'll discover the history and charms of this fascinating city. We'll start our story at the Chocolate Bar, where you'll drink a delicious hot chocolate. In the meantime, we'll discuss aspects related to the history behind the "Nectar of the Gods" and you can also try to break cocoa beans by yourself, in the old style! After that, we'll move on to another chocolate shop, where you'll see why eating chocolate is... unavoidable! We'll try an exercise to distinguish the different flavors of the goodies. We'll move on to the Chocolate Line, where you can see a real laboratory and how the yummy products are made. You'll get to try some exotic new varieties as well. We'll end with the cellar of Cuilinaire Wandelingen, where you'll try chocolate in three different ways: the regular way, drinking a shot and...sniffing it! It'll be my pleasure to walk with you around the city, as we delight in chocolate tasting and discover its stories, past and present. Our tour can start any time between 10 am and 2.30 pm. If you are interested in finishing the walk with a meal (chocolate based), contact me and I'll create a personalized experience just for you!