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Chisinau : 3 Excursions in One Day Curchi Monastery, Old Orhei and Chateau Vartely image 1
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Chisinau : 3 Excursions in One Day Curchi Monastery, Old Orhei and Chateau Vartely

Excursion to Curchi Monastery and Old Orhei and Chateau Vartely, 3 excursions in one day!

In the North direction, Monastery Curchi -  is a genuine gem of architectural art. At various times it was the centre of work and unique creation of priests, monks, churchwardens, architects, landscape designers. Today the Curchi monastery revives the spirituality of the Orthodox people and preserves ancient traditions.

The second point that will be visited in this full day of excursions is Old Orhei - one of the most remarkable monuments of the dim and distant past. On the eastern outskirts of the fully stocked wood, in a valley formed by cliffed rocky banks of the river Reut, at the Cape Pestere ("cave"), it was the city - Old Orhei.

Then we are going to visit Chateau Vartely - it is a young but in a good way rather ambitious winery located directly in Orhei. You will visit the winery, will taste the wine.

The history of Old Orhei brings us back to the far back in the past - fifteenth century: reign of Stefan cel Mare. In the summer of 1470, it was finished the construction of the fortress on the rocky shore of Reut. The city's population was about two thousand inhabitants. In the early 70 of the XV century Orhei reached its greatest prosperity as a handicraft and trade center of Moldavian Principality. 

Than we are going to visit Chateau Vartely - the first and the only real Chateau in Moldova.
Chateau Vartely – a unique Moldavan project for producing wines according to classic European quality standards. This is the first winery in the country of complete cycle – from growing grapes to bottling – modelled on a French chateau.
The wine in the company Chateau Vartely is perceived as a living being, which is paid a great attention. The wine is carefully supervised and improved in the process of production. People from winery – from winegrowers to managers, look up for the wine like own child – just as carefully and thoughtfully…

Technical information: Length of the route both ways - 170 km, duration - 8 hours, sanitary stops at refuelling stations and on the monastery’s premises. Shoes can be chosen at the tourists’ discretion, clothing for men: trousers covering the knees, shirts with at least short sleeves (no T-shirts), clothing for women: skirts, blouses without a deep cleavage, shoulders covered, and a headscarf. It is allowed to have drinking water and some food for a snack.
As you wish, it’s possible the stop in agro pension “Butuceni” for dinner or lunch or in Chateau Varity.