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Canyoning by Sjoa

Canyoning is an exciting journey of discovery into one, for most people, unfamiliar world.
We offer different tours with canyoning, and depending on the tour chosen or which canyon is available, it may involve activities such as hiking in the canyon, rappelling, rappelling in waterfalls, swimming in rapids, wading, jumping into deep pools, climbing and zip-line. You are wearing full wetsuit, harness, gloves and helmet, and on some tours also lifejacket. You bring your own packed lunch, but drinks will be provided.

The trip start at the base, where the trip leader will inform you about the day, provide you with equipment and answer your questions. Then you change into the gear in our wardrobes, and then we go with our bus to the canyon, where the safety instructions will be given.
- Canyoning Classic: This is a classic canyoning trip. In the wild and unspoiled nature, we take down Mette's gorge located a short distance from our base. The guides leading the way, instructs and provides training and ensures you at parties where we need tacit navigation. Here you get closer to nature and the elements, pelvic surging around you while thinking that here it could not then have been people before.
- Canyoning Play & Fun: The activity takes place in Veo Gorge in Sjodalen. This is a trip that has not so much walking, but with more emphasis on exciting subtasks as zip-line, jumping, abseiling and swimming in rapids.
Canyoning for the family: Canyoning is also an excellent activity for families.
Children love to go exploring in the creek. This is something similar, but in large format and in a safe environment with experienced guides. Incredibly nice and exciting nature, and with the help of guides and rope we take down an exciting gorge with waterfalls and rapids.
After all our canyon trips we gather at the base, and serve coffee/tea and limonade.