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California Lighthouse Entrance Ticket and Guided Tour

Embark on a journey up the most famous landmark in Aruba, the California Lighthouse. The newly renovated lighthouse has been restored to its original glory. You will experience unmatched 360 degree panoramic views of the island. Each step and every window offers a unique view of Aruba’s scenic coastline. With it’s unparalleled vistas, The California Lighthouse will definitely offer you an incredible backdrop ideal for taking pictures and creating new and lasting memories.

Immerse yourself in The California Lighthouse Tour while in Aruba. Tour the newly renovated California Lighthouse with it's unmatched scenery and untouched nature.

Guided tours begin at 8:30am. Enjoy a complete historical description by your guide as you head up to the highest lookout point of the California Lighthouse. As you are climbing to the top you will enjoy a one of a kind 360-degree panoramic view of the islands most northern point from up to 10 windows at different heights and angles.

Once you have climbed and descended the 101 steps to the top, head over the neighboring Faro Blanco Restaurant where you can enjoy a discount which is included with each tour ticket purchase.