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Bushwalkers' Adventure Noosa Hinterland Full-Day image 1
126 €

Bushwalkers' Adventure Noosa Hinterland Full-Day

The Bushwalk Adventure Full Day is designed for keen walkers to relax, refresh and connect with nature in walks that visit Noosa Country, Blackall Range, Conondale Range and Glasshouse Mountains in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Your guide will take you on a sensory experience along tranquil trails, interpreting how we are connected to the plants and wildlife of the Bush. Enjoy refreshing morning tea along cool trails under sub-tropical rainforest canopies and fresh locally sourced packed lunch in an open giant Eucalypt forests, home of the koala and some of the 304 species of birds found in the region.

We depart the coastal town of Noosa at 7:00am after our early morning pick-ups in a roomy, comfortable, air-conditioned mini-van and head inland to the lush, cool fertile HInterland. Along the way we drive through Doonan, Eumundi, lined with art galleries, craft shops,and road-side fruit stalls.  The scenery soon changes to rolling green hills, deep pockets of rain forest as we climb the magnificent Blackall Range passing picturesque towns of Palmwood and Mapleton. Spectacular views in all directions of magnificent mountains, lush green valleys, and the glorious Pacific Ocean heralds our arrival to our destination of the day.

After an overview about safety, wildlife and the track we head off at a slow pace to allow your senses to fine-tune to the green space and wild life that surrounds you.  Walking along on natural terrain you will notice the sights, sounds and smells of the Bush. Your guide will interpret the wildlife, endemic plants & animals, the little beauties in Nature so often overlooked.  Under the canopy of a sub-tropical rainforest we stop for a morning tea amid the calls of the Wompoo fruit-dove, Bell miner and Whip bird.

Refreshed we continue in the Bush and notice the changes in landscape to open giant Eucalypt forests. With the help of your guide you begin to pick-up the of the nuances in the natural green world:  the calls of the Sulphur-crested cockatoo and Australian king parrot; scent of the Eucalypt, texture of the earth underfoot or a rough Bunya pine tree, see a shy red-legged pademelon or a water dragon scurrying to a creek. Meandering along we hear the sound of a waterfall, muffled at first, then tumbling over rocks and into the pool below when we arrive.  A perfect spot for a fresh locally sourced packed lunch and fruit salad to satisfy a ravenous hunger after the morning's walk.

Relaxed and refueled continue through the Bush and note the change of landscape and eco-tones.  Some species live only in this transitional area.  Your guide will explain how we and the plants and wildlife of the Bush are connected; and share the cultural significance of the Hinterland where the First Australians held meetings, trade and bunya nut festivals thousands of years ago.  Leaving the forest at the end of the walk the rejuvenated and relaxed we prepare for the return home.  A quick freshen up with a cool face-wash towel comes in handy!

We return through the rural dairy farm of Kenilworth and little village of Gherulla on foothills of the Range, then back to the Sunshine Coast at your accommodation where you can enjoy soak in a spa or a walk on the beach to relax and enjoy the rest of your visit to the Sunshine Coast.