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Bruny Island Sunset Lighthouse Tour image 1
30 €

Bruny Island Sunset Lighthouse Tour

Experience the raw beauty of nature on this amazing sunset Lighthouse tour operating Friday and Saturday nights on Bruny Island, at the Cape Bruny Lighthouse Station. Bookings are essential with only 8 guests allowed to participate. This is arguably one of the best places to watch the Southern Aurora.

An aurora, sometimes referred to as a polar light, is a natural light display in the sky and can be seen clearly from this remote coastal location. Stay a little longer after your sunset lighthouse tour to witness this amazing event.

Between October and May the short tailed shearwaters return to there nesting burrows at sunset, this is an amazing site to behold from the Cape Bruny Lighthouse balcony as the seabirds “crash land” within meters of there burrows.

Watch as the sun drops behind the Tasmanian Southwest Wilderness from the amazing balcony vantage point perched 114-meters above the Tasman Sea surrounded by dolerite sea cliffs and pounding ocean swells.

Cape Bruny Lighthouse commentary, stories and statistics sourced from the last remaining kerosene lighthouse keepers in Australia. Craig Parsey´s family were one of the last few true Lighthouse Keepers to operate this Lightstation.