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Black Cave Hiking Tour from Tirana image 1
100 €

Black Cave Hiking Tour from Tirana

Black Cave of Pellumbas (Shpelle e Zezë), is one of main attractions outside Tirana. In this tour can participate different group travelers.

Meet your guide and reach the bus station in Tirana. Drive is about 45 minutes from Tirana to the village of Pellumbas.

On the bus drive you will have the possibility to discuss with locals. After a coffee a local bar you will start walking around 2 km or one and a half hour hike outside the village. The view from the trail is spectacular, with the mountainside dropping down into the canyon of Erzeni River. The cave itself is approximately 360 meters deep calculated as the longest in Balkan, and inside are impressive stalagmites and stalactites, as well as bats flying around the cave. The inside of the cave is completely dark after single upon entrance. 40,000 years ago the cave was a home to ancient cave bears. It was later used as a settlement for ancient humans during the Middle Paleolithic period. Locals had use the cave for shelter and to hide during wars.