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Bermuda Triangle Twilight Cruise image 1
46 €

Bermuda Triangle Twilight Cruise

Grab a complimentary Rum Swizzle cocktail to settle your nerves as you board this night time cruise and head into the notorious Bermuda Triangle. With the stars shining brightly overhead, the captain's lively commentary will allow you to forget the eerie nature of your destination. Then, boom! The ocean floor is flooded with brilliant beams of light! Watch civilizations of coral and fish appear through the glass bottom of the boat as its underwater lights illuminate the mysterious depths beneath you.

This is the perfect choice for something truly different. During this twilight tour, your captain's lively commentary will amuse you and you'll barely notice the boat slipping into complete darkness. Then, the ocean beneath you is suddenly flooded with brilliant beams of light. Have the aliens come for you? Was your cocktail too much? Don't panic, watch in wonder through the glass bottom as the boat's underwater lights illuminate the depths for you. Your knowledgeable crew will explain the mysterious civilizations of coral and fish that appear beneath, while you enjoy Bermuda's 'night life' from a completely different point of view. This trip enjoys a 100% return rate and is backed by a money back guarantee should you disappear! After your glass-bottom viewing, sit back and relax with a complimentary Rum Swizzle and gaze at the stars above.