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91 €

Barbados Half-Day Garden Tour

This tour integrates three magnificent gardens: Hunte’s Garden, Orchid World and the Flower Forest. You are encouraged to stroll leisurely through each of these gardens and take as much time as you like to savor the experience that each garden has to offer.

After pickup from your Barbados hotel you will be taken on a tour to three magnificent gardens.

The Flower Forest has 53.6 acres reserved only for green botanical ventures, never to be developed for housing or industry, with 7 acres of wild garden in the Barbados ‘Scotland District’ 750 feet above sea level!

Orchid World is located on six acres surrounded by sugarcane in the heart of the Barbados countryside. With an elevation of 810 feet a number of vantage points allow you to take in the view. The location is ideal for growing and displaying the more than 20,000 Orchids.

Hunte's Gardens was created by a legendary horticulturist with an unusual flair, Anthony Hunte. These extraordinary gardens will please even the most keen gardeners and enthusiasts. Their placement is really most unusual - in the center of Barbados' rainforest, in a sink-hole-like gully. Because of the interesting location, the garden offers a multidimensional experience, with vigorous plants densely growing on many levels - from sunny and open spaces, down to a mysterious, dark heart of real Caribbean jungle.

You will have time to leisurely explore each garden before being returned to your hotel.