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Authentic Belgian Meal

Do you want to try the real Belgian Food and know more about the Belgian cuisine? You can have Belgian lunch or dinner together with me at my place and be amazed! Here is an example of possible menu: Appetizers: - Soup (always made with seasonal vegetables and served with typical Belgian bread croutons or meatballs) Main dish (make your choice in advance): a) Beef Stew with BELGIAN fries accompanied with a salad b) Chicken in mushroom sauce (Vol Au Vent) with croquettes and accompanied with a salad. c) Meat balls in tomato sauce with mashed potatoes and accompanied with a salad. Dessert: Home made chocolate mousse The main dish will be served with a 'Brugse Zot'. It's a beer, brewed in the old town. (If you don't like beer I can offer you fruit juice, soda or water) We'll eat together, chat along and I'll tell you which are the must see spots in the city. I'll share with you my philosophy about a zero waste life and a lot more. What's special about it? I try to avoid plastic, I prefer to buy my ingredients at the local butcher/farmer or I use fair trade products. I want to support the local communities and their work. I reuse a lot of materials to make beautiful crafts. For example, your drinking glasses were in the past marmalade jars. Let me know if you have any personal preference for the food and I'll make sure to create a personalized experience for you! My house is central, but I can also pick you up for an extra 5 euros if you want to.