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Authentic All-Inclusive Hidden Tango Experience in Buenos Aires image 1
199 €

Authentic All-Inclusive Hidden Tango Experience in Buenos Aires

The evening's full Buenos Aires tango tour is for those who are ready to immerse themselves completely in the authentic, intoxicating world of tango and much more than just a show. Try your first tango steps in an enjoyable private class and sample local specialties of Argentine alfajores. You will have ample time during the night to eat, drink, chat, and be absorbed by the tango unfolding before your eyes in its natural habitat, the unique world of the Buenos Aires milonga.

Experience the world of improvised tango as it is lived nightly in Buenos Aires. Travel through the unique social history and deep traditions that still resonate in the beat, or “compás”, heard in the present-day tango clubs.

Your guides are professional tango dancers, master teachers with international experience. Their insider view will help you to understand the hidden codes and idiosyncrasies of the intriguing but little-known world of the milonga, the salon where authentic improvised tango pulses in the many embraces of it’s habituées. They we fill you in on the secrets of this fascinating culture.

From your preferential seating, you will enjoy a live tango orchestra, a dance performance by artists of great repute and skill, and witness the vibrant phenomenon of tango social dancing at its very source. Enjoy a dinner of standard Argentine fare and beverages, along with the option of a champagne toast. At the end of the evening you may choose, at an extra cost, to take a CD of the tango orchestra home with you as a souvenir.