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Australian National Aviation Museum Admission Ticket

Over 50 aircraft and engines from WW2 to modern civilian times. Sit in cockpits, and get up close to aircraft and learn about Australia's aviation industry and the impact it had on the region. Guided tour of one hour also included in price.

The museum has over 50 aircraft and engines and is one of the most complete collections of Australian built aircraft anywhere. Some of the examples are the rarest or oldest surviving in the world. The collection at the Australian National Aviation Museum is one of the largest and most varied in Australia. There are nearly 50 aircraft in all and numerous engines and other artefacts, including uniforms, models and a massive archive and research facility being constructed across the road.

The collection now totals 52 machines and that makes the Museum the largest aircraft owner on Moorabbin Airport. It is an aeronautical collection larger than half the world’s airlines and a third of the world’s air forces and only one third of it is displayed under cover. The rest is in storage, on loan, under restoration or, at worst, on display in the open air.

Highlights include the WW2 Beaufighter (one of six left), Desoutter II (one of two left) CAC Wirraway (Oldest surviving) PBY Catalina (last remaining Black Cat) Vickers Viscount (believed to be Fidel Castro's transport before it came to Australia) an ultra rare WW1 Fokker DR1 fuel tank (widely believed by experts to be from the Red Baron's aircraft), a 737-200 cockpit, Dove Cockpit, F-111 Crew Module, DC-9 Simulator and much much more.