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Ascent to Mount Aragats from Yerevan image 1
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Ascent to Mount Aragats from Yerevan

Climb the highest mountain in Armenia-Mount Aragats, capture its four peaks, and discover the beautiful crater located within its middle. Begin at Stone lake, which is situated on 3200 meters above sea level and embark on this 8 hour journey lead by a local guide.

Aragats is the highest mountain in Armenia and the forth in the territory of Armenian Highlands. It is also the highest point of Transcaucasia. Be picked up from your hotel and transferred to the base of Aragats. Aragats is extinct volcano, which can be seen from city of Yerevan and Shirak, Kotayk and Aragatsotn provinces. It consists of 4 peaks, the highest of which is Northern (4090m), and the lowest – Southern (3879m), this is the one you will walk that is preferable for non-professional climbers. The most suitable period for climbing Aragats is from June till August, when mountain trails are dry and safe. In winter, when slopes are covered with snow, only professional climbers on skis are recommended to climb Aragats.

During the tour you will visit the Armenian Alphabet Alley and medieval Amberd Fortress. Afterwards ride on a car to Kari lake (3200m), and begin climbing to the Southern peak of Aragats, when you can enjoy the spectacular views from the heights of clouds.