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Aruba Island Sightseeing Tour Plus Arashi Beach Visit image 1
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Aruba Island Sightseeing Tour Plus Arashi Beach Visit

Explore Aruba on land and in sea! From the comfort of an air-conditioned bus, your professional tour guide will show you some of the main highlights and attractions on the island. Learn about the history of these landmarks and enjoy beautiful scenery! Visit California Lighthouse, the famous Natural Bridge and beautiful Arashi Beach plus more!

Explore Aruba in an air-conditioned bus. Your friendly and professional tour guide will show you the attractions and natural landmarks of Aruba.

Visit the Aloe Vera Factory and Museum. Aloe, first introduced to the island in 1840, became a very important part of Aruba's history. At one point Aruba was the largest exporter of Aloe in the world with almost two-thirds of the island covered in plants. While on this tour, walk through the state-of-the-art Aruba Aloe Factory and learn more about its history in the adjacent museum.

Next you will visit the Casibari Rock Formation. One of Aruba’s famous natural wonders the Casibari Rock Formation. This rock formation is a cluster of huge rocks. The rock formation, unique to the more typical features of the area, inexplicably rises up from the desert soil to create an unusual setting. Some of the rocks weigh several tons and feature peculiar forms. The Government of Aruba has created walking trails and steps through the rocks, allowing hikers to reach the top to obtain breathtaking views of the island.

Your third stop will be at the Natural Bridge, a formation of coral limestone formed by years of pounding surf. The Natural Bridge once stood at 23 feet above sea level and spanning more than 100 feet across until it collapsed in 2005. Nearby is the baby bridge that is a smaller version of the Natural Bridge.

After the Natural Bridge, head to Alto Vista Chapel. This chapel was built on the site of the first Catholic church built in Aruba in 1750 by a Spanish missionary.

Following visiting Alto Vista Chapel, we will head to California Light House, named after a ship called the California, known for having received distress signals from the Titanic during it's 1912 sinking. This area offers some of the most beautiful scenic views of Aruba.

Your final stop will be at Arashi Beach. Famous for its beautiful white sand and great snorkeling. You will get the opportunity to go for a swim, do some tanning or go snorkeling. After, you'll be dropped off at your hotel.

Please Note: The afternoon departure is ONLY available to passengers on cruise ships that dock after 8am. Hotel guests MUST select the morning departure.