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90 €

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Aruba Horseback Riding and Snorkeling Tour

Enjoy the natural attractions of Aruba on this horseback riding and snorkeling tour. Small groups offer a more personal experience to this fun packed activity.

During the first 1.5 hours of this tour you will be taken on a western ride on horseback to experience Aruba's desert and rugged surroundings. Enjoy panoramic scenic views of the vast ocean in front of you as you ride along the coastline and white sand dunes. Visit the wishing well and pile up stones as many tourists from all over the world have done before you as a century old tradition.
After the horse ride you will be taken to visit three of the most famous attractions on the island: the Alto Vista Chapel, the Natural Bridge and the Casibari Rock formations. This portion of the tour will be done in the comfort of an air-conditioned mini bus. After the sightseeing is done, take a dip and snorkel in the most beautiful pristine blue Caribbean sea. You can either choose the Malmok beach or the Baby beach for your snorkeling experience.